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The company and ECUST jointly hold Engineering Master training class

Date:2011-08-22 14:24:32 Author: Reads:3681 times

Our company and East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) jointly host the Engineering Master training class in bioengineering field, the opening ceremony was grandly carried out on August 16, 2011.
Liu Tiejun(General Manager of the company), Yuan Fang(Chief Engineer of the company), Zhuang Yingping(the Communist committee Secretary of Bioengineering College of ECUST), Li Yang(director of the Degree Office of Bioengineering College) and 72 students attended the opening ceremony.
Mrs. Yuan Fang presided over the opening ceremony. Mr. Liu Tiejun and Mrs. Zhuang Yingping addressed to the ceremony. General Manage Liu stressed the purpose and signification for hosting the Engineering Master training class, and hoped the managers and staff who attending the class do not disappoint the company for its expectation, and take this opportunity to learn advanced knowledge and make more progress for the company. Professor Zhuang introduced the development history and current status of Bioengineering College of ECUST, She also introduced the Engineering Master training mechanism. Meanwhile the both sides signed the Agreement of jointly training project on the ceremony and  expressed great expectation for jointly training Engineering Master. Professor Zhuang gave company’s staff a lecture with topic “Bioengineering technology development” after.
Our company has always paid attention to the staff’s training, organizing. The Engineering Master training class is for the future development of company and is a strategic measure of increasing company’s core competitiveness; it is also an important approach to raise staff’s knowledge level and strengthen talented technical personnel's Cultivation. The Engineering Master training class will have an important promotion effect to the future development of our company.