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South Korea Tour for Hebei Shengxue Dacheng advanced staff completed successfully

Date:2012-03-09 16:38:12 Author: Reads:3597 times

Hebei Shengxue organized a 6 days South Korea Tour for outstanding management cadres and advanced staff from headquarters and Tangshan Subsidiary. It finished on 2nd-March-2012 and all the 106 staff came back safely.

The company’s development scale keeps increasing recent years. In order to show the concept of the human-oriented and encourage staff to respect and love their post, the company has organized several tours to Sanya Hainan, Guilin Guangxi, lijiang Yunnan, Hong Kong and Macao. During this South Korea trip, everyone relaxed the body and mind, enhanced the communication and intercourse, built a unity atmosphere, widened the view, edified sentiment. The honor of being a member of Hebei Shengxue was enhanced.