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Our Product Oxytetracycline Dihydrate Successfully Passed FDA Verification

Date:2013-03-17 11:02:11 Author: Reads:3057 times

American FDA investigator had a 5 days on-site inspection of Oxytetracycline series products of Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. From Nov. 5, 2012 to Nov. 9, 2012, we got the approval on either on-site or software in the whole process of inspection, and obtained cGMP acceptable confirmation letter by American FDA at Feb. 26, 2013, so far our Oxytetracycline Dihydrate product officially obtained FDA approval.


Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Relies on perfect quality management system and profound enterprise culture, with the joint efforts of cadres and workers, Our product Oxytetracycline Dihydrate successfully passed FDA verification which opens the door to United States high-end market.