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The Company Takes An Active Part In Spring Voluntary Tree-Planting Activity

Date:2013-03-14 14:58:43 Author: Reads:2853 times

On March 10th, Actively responding to LuanCheng County Party Committee and Government’ spring voluntary tree-planting activity, our company promptly organized 40 employees to participate. At 8:00am in March 10th, the employees from workshops (Departments) are assembled and drive to the destination -- 308 National Road ZhaoXian County highway toll station forest district in the Lead of Deputy General Manager-Mr. Sun Jinliang.

The bright blue sky and vibrant wheat seedling refresh everyone. But there is no time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, In the lead of Mr. Sun, our staffs are immediately divided into 5 groups of 8 persons for action. Planting, righting and earthing up, everyone is working orderly and enthusiastically. The 4th team firstly completes the task and they turn to help other teams and share their experience at once, then all make great progress in speed. After the 1st stage task is completed, Wang Zhanlu from 203 workshop obtains the special award with a minimum error in estimating the sum of trees during the break.

After the joyful break, they assemble immediately to conduct the next planting task. According to their earlier experience, each team adjusts planting mode into 4 people a group to ensure the efficiency. Intensely but orderly tree-planting activity lasted to half past 10 am, approximate to plant 600 trees.


When the activity is finished, Mr. Sun thanks for active participation and hard work of our staff on behalf of company; they contribute their share to Luancheng green action. Mr. Sun also said, it is worth to spread the organized, disciplined, mutual aid and high efficiency showed in tree-planting activity to the future work, we should think more and frequently summarized to make our own continuously progress and obtain the long-term development of our company Hebei Shengxue Dacheng.


The green is permanent due to the tree planting in Spring; Dacheng is enduring because staffs have the experience!