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Assistant to the general manager of CNNC Cao Shudong and others visit our company and give guidance to our work

Date:2012-06-12 11:15:22 Author: Reads:2294 times

On June 9, 2012, the assistant to the general manager of CNNC as well as Director and Secretary of Party Leadership Of Department of Geology & Mining Cao Shudong, chief accountant Wang Jianfeng and others, a total of five people visited our company and give guidance to our work.

Cao Shudong and others visited the Streptomycin workshop, Oxytetracycline workshop, R & D center, QC laboratory and other departments, listened to General Manager Liu Tiejun’s  debriefing about company’s current situations and "The 12th Five-Year" development plan, priorities and development ideas.

Cao Shudong said Dacheng company has maintained sound development momentum in the past ten years which related to its strong leadership and united work team. Dacheng company is retained as a quality civilian enterprise which is compatible with our group development concept "Open, Inclusive and Win-win Cooperation”, a reflection of adhering to "Concentric Diversification, Innovative Development", embodies the general idea of Department of Geology & Mining "Three main lines & Three major breakthroughs", Dacheng has equal significance with "eight Mines & One Plant". Department of Geology & Mining will support and sustain Dacheng as always to a better and faster development.

Cao Shudong also said, Dacheng should strengthen the research and management innovation, being market -oriented, enhance sense of anxiety and constantly advance company’s marketing capability; Dacheng needs to change the development conception and make strategic planning, meanwhile, enhance the sense of responsibility and improve risk management in the course of future development; Cao Shudong emphasized, the safety and environmental protection is the foundation of pharmaceutical enterprise, therefore, our company must pay high attention and earnestly carry out in order to achieve enterprise’s target of bigger and stronger.

Finally, Liu Tiejun, General Manager of the company on behalf of Dacheng to express our sincere thanks to the encouragement and guidance of Assistant Cao, and also said this guidance greatly encouraged the morale of us, under the leadership of Department of Geology & Mining, Dacheng will have continuous innovation and development to contribute to the growth of Group Company's non-nuclear civilian industry, live up to the expectations of the leadership.