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Our company won "Top 10 enterprises of Hebei Pharmaceutical Industry" of 2011

Date:2012-05-25 13:33:16 Author: Reads:2047 times

On May 23, 2012, Hebei Pharmaceutical Industry Association commended the enterprises who won "Top 10 enterprises of Hebei Pharmaceutical Industry" of 2011, which our company Hebei Shenxue Dacheng Co., Ltd is included.


In 2011, pharmaceutical industry in our province was facing a complex domestic and international economic situation and an increasingly competitive market environment, especially the significant pressures due to the rising costs and the implementation of new GMP, but our company was united with one heart and one mind, strengthened management, and actively overcomed various difficulties, finally our major economic indicators continued to refresh the historical record.


This honor we got fully demonstrated the significance of our company in Hebei pharmaceutical. We will cherish the honor and continuously create brilliant, make greater contribution to Hebei pharmaceutical industry.