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Hainan training and study for annually outstanding employees of 2013

Date:2014-04-04 10:46:24 Author: Reads:3604 times

Spring casts the hope for happiness all over the earth and all creatures in nature become full of life. In spring of 2014, our company organized twice training and study in Sanya, Hainan Province on March 19th and April 16th, which covers 68 annually outstanding employees in total. This was a benefit activity for annually outstanding employees of 2013 held by our company and labor union. Moreover, it was an encouragement and appreciation for their contributions and efforts in the last year. Sanya, Hainan is the only tropical seaside tourism city in China. It is famous for its superb sandy beach and diverse sea creatures. There are 36 minorities living on the island including Li, Miao and Hui nationality. They still retain many pristine and pure customs and habits. Besides training and study, let our employees experience nature, relax minds, and feel vast territory and diversity of different customs of our motherland is another aim of choosing Sanya.

Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Co., Ltd. always attaches importance to recognition and encouragement of employees. Since 2007, our company has been organized training and study in every March and April. This is the 8th time of holding this benefit activity.

Organizes outstanding employees training and study outside has already become a part of advanced enterprise culture. This activity not only made everyone relaxed, but also enhanced communication among each other. It built a united and positive atmosphere, expanded our horizon, nurtured our spirituality, and enhanced the honor of being an employee of Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Co., Ltd.