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Premix Production Line Gained Manufacturing Licence and Veterinary GMP Certificate

Date:2014-08-21 13:56:32 Author: Reads:4635 times

On August 13th, 2014, the premix products (Oxytetracycline Calcium and chlortetracycline) of our company succeed in receiving Production License and Veterinary GMP Certificate. Through the past six months, our company remolded the plant facilities and equipment, groped and validated the product production process, did the research for test method, compiled the file system, meanwhile we declared Veterinary GMP Certificate and Production License to the authority, and did the on-site inspection for Veterinary GMP. With the effort of QA, production department, QC, supplying department and engineering department, we finished all the remolding and acceptance work.

Oxytetracycline Calcium premix and Chlortetracycline premix are produced with the fermented liquid, laying a good foundation for the adjustment of our company’s product structure.